Learning Cash Crypto EAD


First Cryptocurrency developed for the Online Education segment

What is Learning Cash?

Learning Cash is a cryptocurrency that aims to reduce the bureaucracy of paying for online courses, the demand is huge because the cost of banking services is very high for international transactions, so the solution of our project allows Institutions, Independent Teachers and Course Platforms online accept the cryptocurrency $EAD.

Simultaneously, students who need to take a specific course can quickly enroll in an online course, regardless of their location, by paying with Learning Cash altcoins.

Our project is the first and only project in the segment of buying and selling online courses, whether students, teachers and online course platforms, we can also extend it to school material merchants, in the future everyone in the segment will use Learning Cash, mainly with the arrival of Web 3.0.

Our Ecosystem

EAD Academy

Our global eLearning marketplace, a platform designed for online learning that brings teachers and students together in a fully learning environment and uses crypto $EAD to buy and sell online courses.

EADX Exchange

Your crypto trading experience is boost, safe and easy to use. A complete Defi platform to trade, bet, farm and earn cryptocurrencies seamlessly

Learning Pay

Our payment gateway that will allow independent teachers, online course platforms and institutions to integrate our payment plugin on their own website and receive Learning Cash for the sales of their courses.

How buy Learning Cash

Trackers and Partnerships

We Launched Our Own Global E-Learning Marketplace

Pay your online course using Learning Cash

Advantages for the Student

Fifteen years ago a student had to go to the library to do their homework, but that is not the case these days, long before covid the growing popularity of Online Education was evident; Thus, the limitations of the pandemic have just accelerated the growth of the e-learning industry, the Learning Cash project connects teachers and students, allowing them to use the EAD token.

With Learning Cash, students who need to take an online course will be able to enroll more quickly and conveniently, regardless of their location in the world, it is a universal cryptoasset aimed at distance education.

You will no longer need credit cards, direct bank transfers and other forms of payment, the time will come when all institutions, teachers and online course platforms will accept Learning Cash as a payment method for their courses, you will also be able to receive Learning Cash in the form of cashback from courses you have purchased anywhere in the world, so you will always have Learning Cash in your wallet and can use it to enroll in new courses or holders awaiting long-term appreciation.

Advantages for institutions, self-employed teachers and online platforms

An institution, self-employed teacher or online course platforms will receive Learning Cash for the sale of their courses, a quick payment, no intermediaries and no bureaucracy, in addition to having a cryptoactive that, in the long-term view, will have more and more value, it is a cryptoactive that it belongs to your niche, to your segment, so it will always be useful for you, in addition you can provide Learnign Cash in cashback form to your students, thus making the cryptoactive value even more attractive in the long run.

Using Learning Cash when selling your online courses, you will always have Learning Cash in your wallet, so you can also earn making a holder with long-term critpoactive appreciation


Our roadmap is a plan where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

  • January 2022

    ● Launch Learning Cash Token (One of the first Tokens for Online Education in the World) was born
    ● Smart Contract Implementation
    ● Website launch
    ● Technical Document
    ● Creation of Community and Social Networks
    ● Listing on Nomics
    ● Listing on Coinscope
    ● Listing on Tokpie Exchange
    ● Listing on BlockSpot.io

  • February 2022

    ● Marketing & Promotion
    ● Grow The Community
    ● Listing on CoinAlpha
    ● Listing on Coinpaprika
    ● Listing on CoinSniper
    ● Listing on Cointoplist
    ● Listing on Coindataflow

  • March, April, May and June 2022

    ● Aggressive Marketing and Promotion
    ● Community Growth and Social Networks
    ● Listing on Coincodex
    ● Listing on Coinchecker
    ● Listing on Exchange Latoken
    ● Listing on Exchange Dex-trade
    ● 2,000 members on Telegram
    ● Listing on CoinGecko
    ● Listing on CoinMarketCap

  • Second Semester of 2022

    ● Listing on Exchange Azbit
    ● Listing on Exchange VinDax
    ● Launch of Own Exchange (www.eadx.exchange)
    ● Launch of Marketplace Learning Global (www.ead.academy)
    ● Launch of Learning Payment Gateway for Online Course Platforms (Learning Pay)
    ● Security Audit (Techrate)
    ● 1.000 Holders
    ● 10.000 Members on Telegram
    ● Community Growth and Social Networks
    ● Aggressive Marketing and Promotion

  • First Semester of 2023

    ● 5.000 Holders
    ● 20.000 Members on Telegram
    ● Grow The Community and Social Networks
    ● Launch of the NFT Creation Platform
    ● Launch of the NFT Marketplace
    ● Aggressive Marketing & Promotion
    ● Listing in Other Exchanges

  • Second Semester of 2023

    ● 10.000 Holders
    ● 30.000 Members on Telegram
    ● Grow The Community and Social Networks
    ● Aggressive Marketing & Promotion
    ● Our Own Blockchain
    ● Security Audit (CERTIK)
    ● Listing on Exchange P2PB2B

  • First Semester of 2024

    ● Aggressive Marketing & Promotion
    ● Dapp
    ● Launchpad
    ● Much More

Learning Cash_New Token
Symbol (EAD)

Total Supply $EAD
Circulation Supply
For Staking, Airdrop and Marketing
For developers and for creating new Technologies
Tokens Burned
14.342.106.532.120.040 $EAD

From February 2023, on the 10th and 20th of each month, part of the current stock will be bought back and burned, the burn will be confirmed by sending a txhash and published on our Telegram channel.

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Our team

General Considerations

The time has come to reduce bureaucracy in the form of payment for online courses, it will no longer be necessary to wait for the bank transfer, it will no longer be necessary to wait for the transfer through payment gateways, it will no longer be necessary to wait for the transfer of sales by credit card, now with Learning Cash will all be peer-to-peer from person to person, and unlike Learning Cash for other cryptoactives, Learning Cash was designed and developed to be used in a specific way in its segment, in the purchase and sale of online courses , a segment that grows every day, and this will bring new investors, new holders, making the cryptoactive value more and more in the long term.

The entire transfer process is simple, it works like any other cryptoactive, just a wallet address, the BEP-20 token developed in the Blockchain of the Binance Smart Chain network, so you have fast transfers and very low rates.