Learning Cash Crypto EAD



Learning Cash, the first cryptocurrency project developed for the online education industry, is undergoing a change and a change for the better.

We are committed to the future of the project and that is why we decided to take this next step towards the moon. 🚀🚀

Previously, Learning Cash project had an amount of 270 trillion tokens, this greatly affected the spread due to the amount of tokens in circulation.

Therefore, we carried out a market study, mainly in the segment in which we operate, and decided that the movement to reduce the Circulating Supply in the ratio of 1,000,000:1 would be the best path for the project at this time.

And so we launched the Learning Cash V2, with a Circulating Supply of 270 million and a Maximum Supply of 450 million, we believe that this new phase of the Learning Cash project will be a phase of multiplication, expansion and, above all, appreciation.

With reduced supply, there will be a smaller amount of tokens in circulation, the spread will be smaller and we will be heading in the right direction for appreciation in the medium and long term.

Swap will be carried out automatically on all Exchanges we are listed, you do not need to do anything, the exchange of old tokens for new tokens will be carried out automatically by Exchanges.

But you who have the tokens in Trust Wallet or Metamask, the Swap will be done manually, send your old Learning Cash tokens to the address Bep20: 0xd77B48a308Ed5E50Fac56720C565681bC9F21118

After sending the old tokens to the above address, fill in the form below to receive the new Learning Cash tokens in your Trust Wallet or Metamask wallet.